Sunday, March 11, 2012

Momcation: Wanderlust Whistler

किपा:Chakra Asana-Wheel Pose.jpg

It is SO official.  Since I've jumped back into a regular yoga practice, not only have I drunk the Kool-aid, I've been chugging it, pouring it into popsicle molds, and then chowing down on it later.  I am a yoga dweeb.  I get quite a high, and a real sense of accomplishment from little things, like getting my heels to the ground in downward dog, or getting into Dancer's Pose without losing my balance.  But my real jones is to get into wheel, and to push push PUSH.  It's like a time machine, because all of a sudden I'm 6 years old doing back bends in gymnastics, and it is AMAZING. 

So, when I discovered the Wanderlust Festival, I knew I'd have to go.  And although it likely won't be this year, my 1 year plan is to be at Wanderlust Whistler 2013, with my hubby and kids in tow.  And I will totally make friendship bracelets and give them to my mat neighbours in all the classes I take.  And I will not have a feather in my hair, but I will wear lots of sunscreen.

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