Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Things

On Monday, two things happened. 

First, Hazey decided to spend her nap time smearing a Costco-sized vat of Vaseline all over her hair, her face, her body, her blanket, her pillow, and her wall.  While cleaning I also discovered that she had smeared some over the electrical socket.

Hazey's the kind of 3-year old who I thought could be trusted with a vat of Vaseline beside her bed (she uses it as lippy, which isn't good I know, but doesn't matter, because the damage is done.  She will forever have chapped lips) .  She has never coloured on a wall, cut her own hair, ripped anything up, etc.  Nada, zilch.  When we moved into our new place and set up a play room for her, she asked "can I make a mess?".  So, this Vaseline thing was totally out of character.  Except, I guess I'm learning that as pre-schoolers get older, plenty of things can be out of character...they're only just developing their personalities, and testing the waters.  I mean, when grilled, the girl gave a good defence.  She said she did it because "it felt good".  And the walls, I asked?  "I thought it would feel good for them too."  And the electrical outlet?  "I thought it would feel good."  You know what doesn't feel good?  Getting your hair scrubbed 3 times a day everyday with a myriad of products to try and remove that greasy patina.  She is still greasy.  We have used everything, other than industrial strength grease remover and lemon juice, only because I fear for her scalp, her eyes, the rest of her body. 

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, my husband came home with a pizza, and thing number two, which made my day slightly less terrible.  My new Tom's. 

They had arrived in the mail, my lovely, sweet, dear little ballet flats in burlap and black.  So sweet, so dear, and quite a pair when set against Hazey's turquoise corduroy Tom's.  My husband's opinion?  "How practical!". Har har hubby dear, just because we live in the Arctic and wear boots for 10 months of the year does not diminish the practicality of these shoes.  These are my Mr. Rogers' shoes!  The shoes you take with you and wear inside at playgroup or at a friends house!  Come on!

And so with that, my Monday was a little less tedious.  The grease in Hazey's hair seemed a little less greasy.  Hub was going to look after the girls so I could head out to a 90 minute yoga class, which was bliss.  There was a nice bit of weekend in that day.

Tom's other ballet flats are really cute too, plus the whole one-for-one premise makes me feel good.

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