Sunday, February 5, 2012

We've a Sick House

Back in the day, I took a weekly step class with my best friend Michi, from a woman who was so completely stuck in the 80's but didn't give a shoot, and our favourite blaster was to Rick James' "Brick House"...we'd tighten our tushes to that tune any day of the week...hence the above title. 

We're starting what looks to be the 3rd week of illness in our house, with the toddler getting feverish just as the dad is getting over the flu.

(photo by Karen via sewmamasew blog)

Sometimes I want to throw surgical masks on my entire family, so their germs are contained to themselves.  I'm down with the cute ones en vogue in Asia.  Anything that is adorable and hygenic is alright by me.

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