Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mama Styles: Pink Jeans

While I continue to languish in the world of post partum transition wear, I am still a woman who is interested in looking nice, and maybe even slightly stylish?

And right now, I'm kind of loving coloured skinny jeans.  They totally remind me of all the Guess Jeans I rocked in elementary school...I had to have every new colour that came out...I was a total brat, by the way.  I remember at one point having the red jeans, bright blue, a light blue pair (my Easter jeans!) two pairs of green jeans, in different hues (Cue Larry David..."F**k Hue!!!!").

So, where does an in transition, pink jean lovin' lady like myself go to find rainbow denim?  Old Navy, of course.  Because, let's be honest, pink skinny jeans will have their moment, and that moment will be fleeting.  We're talking half-life of a fruit fly here.  And I believe that when you determine the price per wear of a particular garment, or an accessory, or a shoe, it should be pretty minimal on a day to day basis.  How frugal of me!
photo: Old Navy

I will totally wear these with my chambray denim top and a tank underneath.  I will also wear these with any of my one million gray sweaters.  I might even locate a camel sweater and rock them with that.  Or with a white shirt. Of course with a white shirt!  And maybe with a red blouse and lipstick for Valentine's Day (but probably not).  And flats and flats and flats and flats and flats.  And probably with boots as well. 

But the best part, the part that will totally make you gag and cause your eyes to roll, is that they also come in kids size!!!  So I will be dressing Hazey in the 3T version, because when I was shopping online she said "those are pretty pink jeans!" and I said, "Yes, Hazey, they are!", which means we are matchy-matchy-mommy-and-daughter meant to be!   I can't wait to see the kinds of outfits she comes up with!

(photo: Old Navy)
Anyone else out there enjoying the pink jeans?  Will they still be cool when Daph can fit her sister's hand me downs?  I've seen a lot of love for red jeans lately.

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